Precision Farming Strategy
As technology continues to evolve and bring added value to your operation, we at Deer Country Farm & Lawn, Inc. are also evolving and working hard to bring added value to you as our customer. We are offering the Advantage Package, an AMS Service Agreement to better serve you. The Advantage Package will cover one year of service and can be renewed after each calendar year. A prorated rate will be available for those signing up mid-year. Current service call fees and shop rate will be charged for all calls and/or field visits for those not signed up on the Advantage Package. Some off the features that the package includes are:

• Software Updates
• On-Farm Visits
• Unlimited Phone Supports
• Training Sessions provided by Deer Country

Come in and talk to one of our experienced agricultural salesmen today to learn how the Advantage Package can better serve you, your equipment, and your business.

Why Use a GPS System?
GPS systems are used to document field data such as seeding rates and hybrid varieties during planting, application rates and chemicals during spraying, and yield data during harvest. A system can also be utilized for guidance, whether it is just a simple lightbar that guides your steering or an automatic steering system that steers for you. A GPS system may also control functions on your machine or implements, either manually or automatically. It all boils down to less operator fatigue, increased productivity, higher accuracy, and decreased inputs.

Why Choose John Deere GreenStar?
John Deere GreenStar components are built by John Deere for John Deere equipment; that green-on-green means solutions that work. John Deere’s own StarFire network ensures an accurate GPS signal that you can rely on. While all the components are optimized for use on John Deere equipment, we can help you utilize GreenStar in any brand.

Why Choose Deer Country Farm & Lawn, Inc.?
We believe in the value and benefits these components can offer a farmer. We also believe that good support is the backbone to making a GreenStar system work for you. Deer Country has dedicated employees to train you and your operators and help you when you need it. We offer a yearly service package that includes on-farm visits, unlimited phone support, and yearly training. If you’re interested in how a GreenStar system can work for you, please contact a Deer Country representative.
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